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If you wish to visit the UK and stay for up to six months, you may need a visa, depending on which country you are from. A UK visitor visa or standard visitor visa will give you permission to visit the UK for up to six months. This could be for a variety of reasons, including to visit as a tourist, to receive medical treatment or to study.

At David Tang Solicitors we can let you know whether you will need a visa for your UK visit and, if you do, advise on the appropriate visit visa route and put together an application on your behalf together with the paperwork you will need to accompany it.

We are expert entry clearance visa solicitors and have a sound understanding of the rules and process for securing the right visa for your needs. If you wish to stay for more than six months, we can discuss the best way of approaching this and whether it will be possible to apply to stay longer.

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Eligibility for a UK visitor visa

To be eligible for a UK standard visitor visa, you need to provide documentation showing the following:

You intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit

You have funds available to support yourself and your dependants during your trip

You have funds available to pay for your return journey

You will not live in the UK for long periods by making frequent or successive visits

In some cases, there may be more eligibility criteria, for example, if you are visiting for medical treatment or to study.

We can make sure that you meet the criteria and advise you on the best documentation to provide evidence of this.

Activities allowed under a UK visitor visa

There are a range of permitted activities under the UK visitor visa, including:

To visit family
To volunteer for up to 30 days with a registered charity
To pass through the UK on your way to another country
To attend a business meeting
To take part in a school exchange
To do a course of up to 30 days
To study, take up a placement or sit an exam
As an academic, senior doctor or dentist
For medical reasons

You cannot do any of the following:

Carry out paid or unpaid work for a UK company or as a self-employed person
Claim benefits
Visit regularly so that you are living in the UK for long periods
Marry or register a civil partnership (there is a marriage visitor visa available for this purpose)

Apply for a UK visitor visa

Your application needs to be made online before you travel to the UK. This can be done three months or less before you wish to arrive. If you are likely to be a regular visitor to the UK, you can apply for a long-term standard visitor visa. This is a visa that lasts for two years, five years or ten years and allows visits of up to six months at a time.

If you wish to visit the UK for a reason that is not permitted under a standard visitor visa, you may be eligible for a different type of visa. We can advise you on the best route to the UK and ensure that you have the best visa for your needs.

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