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If you wish to become a British citizen, there are different grounds on which you can apply. Some individuals may be entitled to British citizenship automatically because of their background. It is also possible to apply through a process known as naturalisation.

At David Tang, we specialise in immigration and we can advise you as to whether you are eligible to become a British citizen and the best route to achieving this. We deal with UK citizenship applications for clients from around the globe and we have an excellent track record of success.

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British Nationality

How to become a British citizen by naturalisation

To be eligible to apply for British citizenship, you need to be:

Aged 18 or older
Have spent three years continuously in the UK before applying and with total absences of no more than 270 days during this period. Total absences in the year before you apply cannot be more than 90 days
You have had indefinite leave to remain in the UK for at least twelve months. This can be granted after someone has lived in the UK for five years. Alternatively, you hold EU settled status or you are an EEA national with the right of permanent residence in the UK
You are of good character and do not have a criminal record
You have passed the ‘Life in the UK’ test
You have the necessary standard of English language
You have not breached immigration rules
You intend to reside in the UK

Applying to Naturalise as a British citizen

The application process is complex and it is important to be accurate and avoid errors the first time the application is made as there is no automatic legal right of appeal.

If you would like us to represent you, we can fill in the form on your behalf. Before we start, we will also make sure that we have the necessary documentation in support of your application. This can be a substantial amount of paperwork and we will identify the best documents to support your case and make sure that every requirement has the right evidence in support.

Applying for citizenship on the basis of your background

We can also advise on citizenship applications on the basis of background and family relationships, for example, if you have the right to be a citizen because one of your parents were settled in the UK when you were born or is a British citizen. If you are a British Overseas citizen, you may be able to register as a British Citizen. We would first establish whether you are able to apply for a British passport straight away or whether you need to firstly naturalise.

For more information, see the government’s British citizenship application page on their website.

There are many circumstances which can give rise to eligibility to apply for British citizenship and we can discuss your situation and identify the best grounds for your application.

Where you are not currently eligible to apply to become a British national, we can advise you on possible routes to obtaining this in the future.

For information about our pricing, please see our Immigration costs page.

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